We have vacancies in Reception class and Year 4.  Please contact school. We also have places in September for our new Reception intake.  Please apply to Oldham Council Primary Admissions.

Drop Off and Collection Arrangements

from Thursday 11th March 2021

  • Y3 parents/carers and children wait in the lower playground (where the fixed play equipment is housed) maintaining a 2m distance at all times from others.  Staff will come out as usual at 8:55am to escort their class into school.
  • Y4 parents/carers and children wait in the upper playground maintaining a 2m distance at all times from others.  Staff will come out at usual at 8:55am to escort their class into school.
  • If a 2m distance cannot be maintained, we respectfully ask adults to wear face masks to further limit the transmission of the coronavirus.
  • All children must be supervised by adults and children cannot play on any equipment due to H&S guidelines.
  • Y5 & Y6 parents/carers and children will continue to ‘line-up’/wait on the painted spots outside the playground at the perimeter wall which is the usual practice.
  • The start and finish times for Y5 & Y6 will also be altered in order to have a larger gap so that the younger children’s families can safely leave the premises to avoid congestion on the pavement outside school.
  • Y5 & Y6 school times will therefore change to 9:05am and 3:30pm.
  • The home time set-up will remain the same with no changes apart from the later collection time for our older KS2 classes/children. 

Welcome to Our Website

At St Thomas' we use our website in a variety of ways.  We use it as a tool to share successes and display great work. Our website also provides an exciting virtual space for teachers to represent their classrooms and subjects they teach, along with pathways to other online learning spaces to support your child's learning. 

We provide information about events, classes, clubs and topics which can be seen and shared amongst the school community. It is a place where teachers can post teaching plans, reference material and resources that the children can access both in the classroom and at home. We hope that you find it interesting and useful.

Summer Term First Half - Learning Spotlight

Our topic-based approach is very motivational and covers all areas of the curriculum to ensure a broad and balanced learning approach. We encourage visitors in and trips out to support the topic learning wherever possible. We have always been proud of our curriculum intent, implementation and impact and are continuing to build on this in the coming year. Take a look at some of the enriching activites we have been doing over the last few weeks.

SIMS Payments

For secure online school payments please click on the buttton to login to SIMS Pay.

If any parent requires a paper copy of the information on our school’s website, we will provide this free of charge.  Thank you