St Thomas' Church and Community

In the Parish of Leesfield the Parish church is St Thomas Leesfield. There are 2 daughter churches St Agnes & St Hugh's.
In 1844 a small group started to meet at Leesfield House for the purpose of responding to the spiritual needs of the expanding population. At the first meeting on March 4th 1844 it was decided to build a church at Leesfield and Mr George Taylor gave the site in lieu of his subscription of £100. This church was St Thomas Leesfield and the site was known as ‘Bonfire Half Acre’.

The foundation stone was laid on October 9th 1844 by the Chancellor of the Diocese of Chester in the presence of the Bishop of Chester along with supporters of the project.
On the feast of St Michael and All Angels September 29th 1846 the Parish of Leesfield was constituted with Canon Robert Whittaker as incumbent, but with services continuing at Leesfield House along with a new Sunday School until the church was ready.
In 1847 the new Diocese of Manchester was formed from Chester and in 1848 Manchester’s first bishop consecrated the church of St Thomas the Apostle, Leesfield on June 21st, along with the surrounding burial ground.
Baptisms, marriages and all services followed the Book of Common Prayer. The organ was installed in the west gallery in 1860 followed by the clock and installation in the tower of a full peal of 8 bells. The tower bells were first rung and the clock started on Whit Friday May 25th 1866.
There was also urgent need for a parish day school and a larger space for Sunday School which was agreed and the foundation stone was laid on Whit Friday June 2nd 1880.

St Thomas' Church

The church of St. Thomas, Leesfield was most recently renovated between 1995 and 2004. The work totalled around £1 million which means that the Mother Church at St. Thomas is in generally good condition. It has its own splendid 3 Manual Organ and numerous stained glass windows. Four of these windows are by the Belgian stained glass artist, Jean Baptiste Capronnier which give a focal point to the west end of the church. It has a seating capacity of 600.  The design of the church by architect Mr Shellard was perpendicular Gothic, with a hammer beam roof and stained open wood tracery and involved the use of many ancient looking figure heads both inside and outside the building.

St Thomas' Church website and blog spot

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Community Cohesion

We are a school committed to community cohesion. We have links with a school in Uganda and regularly endeavour to raise funds for those outside school, for example S.E.E.D and Operation Christmas Child.

We have established links with Westwood School within our locality, sharing theatre visits, outdoor pursuits at Castleshaw, Church Services, Forest Schools and Laticzone.

Every class is involved in their own “Business Challenge” which facilitates cohesion within the school. We are hoping to make a new link with a school in Manchester as a link with the wider reaches of the UK. St Thomas’ Leesfield CE School is an extremely busy member of the Oldham School’s linking Project! Our year 6 have shared a “Diversity Day” with Westwood School, enjoying Street Dance, Bollywood Dancing and DJ skills.

St Thomas’ Leesfield Sunday School

We have an amazing team of Sunday School helpers who help out with the planned activities which follow a list of themes given to us by Rev. Disley and we all agree that our children should learn in a fun way.  Over the last year the children have been learning about the bible stories and themes through you tube animated stories including a Lego Easter story.  They’ve loved making such things as fish, birds, Lazarus & a nativity scene all from empty toilet rolls and had fun measuring God’s love, used Duplo and Lego to make wells and played many games including wrapping up a child Lazarus style.  We are also lucky enough to have our older children, Mia Laithwaite-Adair, Sam Casella, Orran Smith & Amy Jakeman, who regularly love to help out a Sunday School and just like our adult helpers they encourage the children to learn through the craft, colouring in, word searches and quizzes.  Often Year 3-5 children also sit with a designated helper and read a play together, discuss the theme in more depth and/or do a slightly different activity to the younger children but still in a fun way.  We also have a reading area on blankets which is very popular. The best part is when the children show and tell the congregation what they have been doing during Sunday School!  If you want to know more about Sunday School please contact Karen Jakeman via our Facebook Page where you can keep uptodate with what the Sunday School is up to.