Our Mission Statement

St. Thomas’ Leesfield C of E Primary School promotes Christian values through the experiences it offers to all children. As an intrinsic part of the community we aim to provide high quality teaching and learning where each and every child matters. We endeavour to create an atmosphere in which excellence and quality are paramount because everyone is encouraged to be the best they can in the sight of God.

Our Aims

This policy encompasses the aims of the School Development Plan and Every Child Matters legislation.

Our Six Aims

  1. Standards - To ensure that each child achieves their highest standard and makes good progress in all areas of school life.
  2. Teaching and Learning - To provide pupils with high quality teaching in order to meet each child’s learning needs by means of a broad, balanced curriculum.
  3.  Environment - To provide a secure, well resourced, high quality learning environment.
  4.  Management - To support the work of the school by effective management of finance, curriculum, administration and personnel.
  5. Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSC) - To create a happy, inclusive school culture in which to promote our children’s  spiritual, moral and cultural development and in which all children feel valued. 

  6. Partnership - To promote a mutually supportive learning partnership with governors/parents and to extend children’s skills and interests to the wider community. Parents of children with AEN will be kept informed of their child’s progress as outlined in the policy. 

Our Ethos and Values

The Christian Ethos of our school underpins everything we do and is illustrated by the Christian Values which we focus on.

We aim to promote our school as distinctively Christian, whilst remaining inclusive to everyone as the values we’ve identified are appreciated by other faiths and those of no-faith.

We have high expectations of our whole school family and the values are reflected in our daily school life.

They are explored in our collective worship but also in circle time and in our lessons; they run alongside the living values which we focus on through our SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development) together with focused topic Learning on the fundamental British Values and SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning).

We also have an established Ethos committee, where representatives from each class meet to plan events (For Example the Jo Cox Great Get Together) and improve our learning and environment (Christian Values wall in school).

Some of our children attend Sunday School regularly and the Sunday School leaders often have communications in the school newsletter. Clergy regularly take assemblies in school and support our children when they are ready for confirmation in the parish and also in educating RE throughout school.