Our Staff 2020-21


Headteacher Mrs P Glynn
Assistant Headteachers  Mrs F Ragan
  Mr J Whittaker



Teaching Staff and Learning Support 2019-20



Teachers - Mrs Schofield (Monday) and Mrs Austin (Tuesday-Friday)

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Fountain, Miss Cooper and Mr Wildhood.


Year 1

Teachers - Mrs Gulla (Monday-Wednesday) and Mrs Wilkinson (Thursday and Friday)

Teaching Assistants - Miss Cooper, Mr Wildhood, Mrs Chambers and Miss Perrins.


Year 2

Teachers - Mrs Ragan (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday) and Mrs Schofield (Wednesday and Friday)

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Birtles and Mrs Chambers.


Year 3

Teacher - Miss Lawton

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Douglas and Miss Stoneman.


Year 4

Teacher - Miss Bamber

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Roddy, Mr Hill and Miss Stoneman.


Year 5

Teacher - Miss Blyden

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Pilling and Mrs Roddy.


Year 6 

Teacher - Mr Whittaker

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Smith, Mrs Bishop and Mr Wildhood.


Support Staff

Learning Mentor Mrs L Costello
School Business Manager Mrs E Whitworth
School Administrator Ms J Axon
Caretaker Mr G Daubney
Cleaners Mrs D Steele
  Mrs S Adams
Cook Mrs J England
Assistant Cook Mrs A Arundel
Kitchen Staff Mrs V Reed
  Mrs D Crosland

Midday Supervisors

Senior Mid-day Supervisor Miss K Stoneman
Mid-day Supervisor Mrs C Hayes
  Mrs L Bentley
  Mrs C Bialek
  Mrs C Carberry
  Mrs J Johnson
  Mrs G Chambers
  Mr G Wildhood

Visiting Staff (subject to change)

ICT Mr P Burton
Website Mrs N Ball
School Nurse NHS School Nurses  0161-622-9114