Our Staff 2018-19


Headteachers Mrs C Ireland (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)
  Mrs P Glynn (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)
Assistant Head  Mrs F Ragan



Teaching Staff and Learning Support 2018-19



Teacher - Mrs Austin (Tuesday to Friday), Mrs Shewan (Monday)

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Fountain and Miss Cooper (Wednesdays)


Year 1

Teachers - Mrs Gulla (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and Mrs Butt (Thursday and Friday)

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Douglas (Monday - Thursday) and Miss Cooper (Friday)


Year 2

Teachers - Mrs Ragan (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) and Mrs Schofield (Wednesday and Friday)

Teaching Assistant - Miss Birtles and Miss Cooper


Year 3

Teacher - Miss Lawton

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Pilling (am) and Mr Hill (pm)


Year 4

Teacher - Miss Bamber

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Wilkinson


Year 5

Teacher - Miss Blyden

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Bishop and Mrs Roddy


Year 6

Teacher - Mr Whittaker

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Smith (Tuesday - Friday), Miss Butterworth and Mr Wildhood will provide support in class on two days per week.


Mrs Shewan will be working in Reception on Mondays and other classes throughout the school to cover PPA as well as 'faster grasper' and 'fix it' clubs (Monday to Thursday).

Support Staff

Learning Mentor Mrs L Costello
School Business Manager Mrs E Whitworth
School Administrator Ms J Axon
Caretaker Mr G Daubney
Cleaners Mrs M Stals
  Mrs S Adams
Cook Mrs J England
Assistant Cook Mrs A Arundel
Kitchen Staff Mrs V Reed
  Mrs D Crosland

Midday Supervisors

Senior Mid-day Supervisor Mrs A Butterworth
Mid-day Supervisor Mrs C Hayes
  Miss K Stoneman
  Mrs C Bialek
  Mrs C Carberry
  Mrs J Johnson
  Mrs G Chambers
  Mr G Wildhood

Visiting Staff

ICT Mr P Burton
Website Mrs N Ball
School Nurse NHS School Nurses  0161-622-9114