Reception Class Gallery 2022-23

Take a look at the fun things we have been doing in Reception this year.

Imagine That! - July 2023

Reception had an amazing time at Imagine That! in Liverpool for their end of year trip. They explored a range of different areas including the Art Beatz, Imagination Village, Slime Factory and Science Area. All of the children went home with a fridge magnet, strawberry bath bomb, slime and everlasting snow that they had all made during the trip. They also got to watch a fantastic dry ice show with a professor who made it snow indoors!

Busy Bees Experiment - June 2023

This week we have been learning about the importance of bees. We learnt that when bees land on a flower they drink nectar. While they are drinking the nectar the pollen brushes off and sticks to their legs. They take this with them when they fly to the next flower. The pollen then transfers, giving the flower food and nutrition and helping it to produce new seeds. We all enjoyed carrying out an experiment using cheese puffs, to show this.

Chicks - March 2023

On Monday 13th March, we were lucky enough to receive 10 chick eggs to look after in school. They arrived in an incubator to keep them nice and warm, because they didn’t have their mother hen to look after them. On Tuesday, the chicks started to slowly hatch from their eggs. It was very exciting to see them come out of their egg and to see how quickly they fluffed up in the incubator. We then looked after for 2 weeks in school.

Chinese New Year - January 2023

During our busy day, learning all about Lunar New Year, we made a paper chain Chinese Dragon and a silhouette printing of a rabbit. We learnt about the celebration and the different traditions carried out. We also learnt that each year is named after an animal, this year being named after the rabbit.

Growing Plants: Jack and the Beanstalk - January 2023

In Reception we have been using the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk', to help with our learning. We have learnt about the lifecycle of a seed and what they need to help them to grow, before planting our very own with our friends.


Christmas in Reception - December 2022

The children in Reception Class enjoyed carrying out many different Christmas related activities over the festive period. These included, Christmas dinner day, acting out the nativity story, making paper chains, christmas cards, printing and designing Christmas trees. We had so much fun all while learning the true meaning of Christmas.

Our Senses Experiment - October 2022

In Reception we have been looking at our five different senses. We enjoyed carrying an activity where we had to smell a range of containers. We couldn't use our eyes to see so we had to use our noses to smell what was inside. The different containers had vinegar, jam, hot chocolate and coffee. Our favourite smell was the hot chocolate and we didn't really like the vinegar. 

Settling into Reception - October 2022

Reception have enjoyed thier first half term at school, especially using the outdoor equipment to enhance our development in all areas of learning.