Reception Home Learning - January 2021

Please find your child's home learning below and a selection of resources to help.  Many thanks.

As with any internet access adult supervision is necessary when using these resources.

Whilst every effort has been made evaluate these sites for content, our school is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites.

Please see the resources below.

Literacy Ideas

  • Read a story and make finger puppets or face masks of the characters. Retell the story together using the puppets or masks you have made.
  • Make a shopping list using writing or drawing pictures. Use marks or numbers to show how many of each item you need.
  • Go on a ‘sound hunt’, choose a letter sound and go hunting for items that begin with that sound.
  • Find a recipe and do some baking. Make a ‘photo story’ of what you did and then tell it to someone else.
  • Write a picnic list and go outside for a Teddy Bears Picnic.
  • Visit this website and play some reading and spelling activities. Try to do a little bit each day.
  • Visit this website and do some Read, Write, Inc. activities. Try to do a little bit each day.
  • Keep a photo diary of your home learning experiences!
  • Make some labels for things around your home – you could write the words on post-its or draw pictures.
  • Draw a ‘story map’ of your favourite story
  • Make a collage picture of your first name
  • Look at labels on food packaging. Can you find any of the letters from your name?

Creative Ideas

  • Make nursery rhyme puppets using wooden spoons and sing the songs together.
  • Make some musical instruments out of house hold objects e.g. sound shaker with a plastic bottle and some beans, rice or stones. Can you keep a steady beat to your favourite song? the beat?
  • Do some painting, indoors or outdoors and watch how the colours mix.
  • Use some Lego or building bricks and get building! Make something different each day e.g. a pirate ship, a rocket, a fairy castle, a zoo.
  • If you have a ‘pretend kitchen’ in your house make some party food for your dolls or teddies.
  • Go on a walk and collect some daisies and leaves. Make some perfume with water in the garden.
  • Make a picture with cut up bits of old clothes and talk about the different textures.
  • If you have dressing up clothes, dress up and make up some stories. You could make a magic wand or treasure map to make your story even more exciting! Why not video your story and send it to your grandparents?
  • Make a den using bedsheets and enjoy a story inside using your phone torches.
  • Follow a simple recipe to make playdough. Make some shapes and pictures with the playdough. You can enjoy dough disco with your child! Follow this link
  • Taste some new fruit & veg and talk about the importance of keeping healthy. Make a picture with cut up pieces of fruit or veg then enjoy eating it!

Maths Ideas

  • Go on a ‘Number hunt’, finding numbers on doors, registration plates, signs etc. while you are on your daily walk
  • Go on a ‘Shape hunt’, finding different shapes in the environment.
  • Find some socks or house hold objects, mix them up and order them by length.
  • Write a number on the top of a piece of paper and find some objects to match the numeral.
  • Write numbers on pieces of paper or post-it notes and hide them around the house. When you find the number can you do that many actions e.g. 5 claps, 3 hops, 7 jumps etc.
  • Go on a walk and find 1 stone, 2 leaves, 3 sticks etc. Make some shapes out of the items you find.
  • Draw some pictures of different coloured cars and tally how many cars you see.  Which colour did you see the most? Which did you see the fewest?
  • Practice forming the numbers correctly with pens, paint or big paint brushes and water outside. Use the number formation cards to help you form them correctly.
  • Practise some simple addition and subtraction activities at home using household items – try to make it a fun game!
  • Have fun setting up a role play shop. Write out price tags and enjoy buying and selling your items.
  • Don’t forget counting is everywhere, count as you put the cutlery on the table, walk up the stairs or even count how many dogs you see on your walk.

Understanding the World Ideas

  • On your daily walk take pictures of the different birds you see. Research the birds at home on an IPad. Spot different birds when they come into the garden!
  • Get out some old photographs and talk about who the people are and when the photographs were taken. Make a photo book together, ordering the pictures from the oldest to the most recent. Talk about the changes in the pictures.
  • Write a list of different occupations e.g. doctors, nurses, teachers, hairdressers, gardeners etc. Look at pictures and talk about what they do to help us. Make a card for someone who is helpful to you to say ‘Thank you’.
  • Do something ‘kind’ for someone who might need your help.
  • Look on google earth and talk about the world.
  • Talk about different cultures and learn a few words from another language together.
  • If you have a garden, talk about the plants or bushes you can see and help to pull up the weeds!

School Learning Zone

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As with any internet access adult supervision is necessary when using these resources.

Whilst every effort has been made evaluate these sites for content, St Thomas' Primary School is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites.