Year 1 Gallery 2020-21

Take a look at the fun things we have been doing in Year 1 this year.


Wonderful Me - Healthy Eating - October 2020

As part of our recent topic on healthy eating we made fruit salads using a range of different fruits and pineapple juice. The children all thoroughly enjoyed making their own fruit salads and enjoyed tasting them even more! They had to very carefully pick the fruits with a little skewer and count out a set amount of each fruit. We discussed how important it is to eat fruits to keep a balanced diet and keep us nice and healthy too. This activity was a big hit with the children in Year 1! We also looked at some really unusual fruits too to see if we knew what they were.

Wonderful Me - The Human Body - October 2020

In our topic we have been looking at the human body. The children had a really tricky task to put together the jigsaw of a human skeleton. We talked about the different parts of the skeleton and how if we didn't have a skeleton we would be like jelly! The children all showed great investigation skills and all of the Y1 staff were very impressed with their knowledge on the skeleton. Once we had learnt about the skeleton, we attempted to recognise different major organs and where they go in the body. Apart from the intestines ending up in the skull, the children all did a fantastic job! They were all very shocked too that the heart is not in the shape of a love heart!

Taking Maths Outside - October 2020

During our time outside, we like to complete activities that show off how fantastic our maths knowledge is. In this activity, Miss Bamber hid all of the numbers around the outdoor area and we had to find them all and put them in order. At first we put them in order backwards so we discussed how we can count backwards but the order they need to go in to count forwards. All the children tried so hard and really enjoyed hunting for the hidden numbers!