Year 2 Events Gallery 2017-18

Take a look at some of the great things we have been doing in our class. 


Business Challenge - Mother's Day Bath Bombs - March 2018

Science Week - Change of State - March 2018

Marshmallow / hot chocolate experiment to see how the marshmallows change state.

Pupils had to think about and conduct a fair test.

World Book Day - March 2018

Look at our great costumes.  Thank you parents for supporting this event.

Kandinsky - January 2018

Year 2 have just completed their topic on the Russian painter known as Wassily Kandinsky. They produced some weaving in the style of his famous work – ‘Concentric Circles’. They thought about the colours they were using and how colours can affect our emotions.

Fire Fighters Visit - December 2017

Year 2 had a fantastic morning when the firefighters came to visit. We met firefighter Danny and Darren and asked them lots of questions. We asked:

  • When you’re not going to a fire, do you play games?
    No, we have to get all the equipment checked and adjust the uniform so it fits us, making sure it is all ready for an emergency. Then we are busy doing training.
  • How high is your biggest ladder?
    We have lots of ladders, some with special hooks on so we can reach different buildings. The tallest is 14 metres.
  • What do you actually do when there’s a call?
    Well, all the bells and lights go off then we slide down the pole and rush to the fire engine. Our boots are ready inside with our trousers tucked in so we can get ready in the engine.
  • What speed do you go in the fire engine?

We usually go at 'road speed' (which means we go at the speed limit for the road) as we have to be safe. Some drivers don’t see us and we have to take care. We can’t just go through a red light!

  • Are there any girl firefighters?
    Yes – we are trying to get more, but there are some doing their training now.
  • What do you have to do to become a firefighter?

It’s quite hard. You have to be between 18 and 50 years old. You have lots of tests: a physical test for strength and fitness, a written test, a driving test, and interview and if you pass, you have lots of training.

  • What type of things do you help with apart from fires?

We go to car crashes, fitting and checking smoke alarms, clearing up after storms and rescuing animals. We rescue mostly large animals like horses and cows as they get frightened if they are trapped and can be dangerous.  

We saw all the special equipment in the fire engine. We also got to try on the firefighter’s uniform and spray the hose!

Pirate Visit - October 2017 

A pirate came to visit our class.  This helped us with our Speaking and Listening and Science work on exercise, as well as our topic all about pirates.

Xylophones - September 2017

We have been learning to play the xylophone in class and learning how to accompany a song.

Healthy Foods - Science Experiment - September 2017

We have been learning all about healthy foods and making healthy choices.  We did an investigation where we had to categorise food into 'healthy' and 'unhealthy' and then we sorted them into food groups.