Year 3 Events Gallery 2017-18

Take a look at some of the great things we have been doing in our class.



Maths - June 2018

We have been solving lots of problems in maths, one of our challenges has been to find out how many laps we need to run around our playground to run 1 mile. We would have to run 27 laps!!

Rock Cycle - May 2018

During our science topic we have been looking at rivers and mountains. We demonstrated the Rock Cycle using chocolate! It was delicious and very messy!

Business Challenge - May 2018

Our last week of Summer 1 has been an extremely busy week. We have been working so hard on our business challenge making lots of bird feeders and keyrings. Our teams have been fantastic and we have made a profit! Our finance team have been looking through all our ideas on how we are going to spend it!

Easter Egg Competition - April 2018

A big congratulations to our Year 3 pupil, who won the Easter Egg competition we entered and had his very own design made an egg by Slattery's Chocolatier.

Around the World Assembly - March 2018

This week we have performed our class assembly in Year 3, thank you to all the parents and adults who came along to watch.

World Book Day - March 2018

Look at our great costumes.  Thank you parents for supporting this event.

Stone Age Communication - February 2018

We have been looking at The Stone Age in our history topic, we have been looking at how they communicated in prehistoric times. Year 3 have used twigs and stones to create their cave paintings using symbols and images used in the Stone Age.

Maths Lesson - Januay 2018

In maths we have been using scales to weigh different objects around the classroom, we can add and subtract mass and have recorded our data in a table.

Music Lesson - January 2018

We played the glockenspeil and learned two different notes to keep the pulse of 'There Was A Monkey'. We have had lots of fun and made even more noise, it was great!

Mummy Making - November 2017

Year 3 have been making mummies using clay and desiging our own sarcophagus.

Russian Satellite Launch - October 2017

During our Christian Value of Peace, we watched the European Atmosphere Monitoring Satellite being launched in Russia. Year 3 believe this is going to make a difference to our future by helping study air pollution.

Google Earth Investigations - October 2017

Computing: We have been using Google Earth to locate the countries and capital cities in the European continent.

Let There Be Light Science Investigations - October 2017

We have been investigating light in our 'Let There be Light' topic, here we are finding out how light travels and using a light source to find objects inside the box.