Year 4 Events Gallery 2017-18

Take a look at some of the great things we have been doing in school.


World Book Day - March 2018

Look at our great costumes.  Thank you parents for supporting this event.

Year 4 Business Challenge - February 2018

Here are some pictures from our business challenge. We created salt dough hearts that were personalised and made to order. In the end Y4 made £93.50 which the children decided to put towards a trip later on in the Summer term.

History Timeline - January 2018

These are some photos from the children's history topic on The Vikings and Anglo Saxons. The children were looking at a historical timeline of events so that they are aware of how history happened and has led us to today. 

Gospel Music Assembly - January 2018

These are some photos from our recent class assembly which was based on Gospel music.  The children sang the songs 'Lean on Me', Ain't no mountain high enough' and 'Oh Happy Day' as well as teaching the whole school about the history of Gospel. 



Trip to The Chill Factor - November 2017

On Thursday 16th November, Year 4 visited the Chill Factor for their class trip. The children had been looking forward to this trip for a number of weeks and it was lovely to see how excited the children were to have a new learning experience. The trip fit in perfectly with our previous topic of Antarctica from before half term. When we arrived at the Chill Factor a large sign informed all the children that it was a very cold -4 degrees inside the snow park- we were all very glad we had wrapped up warm! The children were briefed by the fantastic staff on the three different activities and then allowed to explore. The children were spinning rapidly down the downhill donuts slope, picking up great speed on the slip ‘n’ slide snow luge and racing with their friends on the sledging slope. The children all had a fantastic time and we were all very impressed by the children’s maturity on the different activities along with their teamwork during the session. They even managed to get the adults on to the different activities – Miss Bamber felt a little seasick after the spinning downhill donuts though! A fun filled day was had by all and the children were a credit to the school as they represented St Thomas’ out in the community.

Numberless Word Problems - October 2017

To help us towards achieving BB 13 in Maths, we worked in a group to talk about the important words in a word problem which didn’t have numbers. We discussed the meaning of the mathematical words and how they help us decide if need to add or subtract  e.g. fewer, altogether, how many more? 

We then solved the problems when Mrs. Shewan and Mrs. Douglas added numbers in, using the following method: 

  1. Decided what we had to do in STEP 1 (add or subtract).
  2. Decided what we had to do in STEP 2 (add or subtract).
  3. Solved the problem showing workings out.
  4. Wrote what the ANSWER to the problem was.

Antarctica Song - October 2017

We had great fun learning and practising our song about Antarctica.

Antarctica Animation Creation - October 2017

As part of our Antarctica topic, we have been using I-Motion on the I-pads during computing.

First we made a penguin out of modelling material, then built a scene for our film.  Next we recorded our penguin walking and finally we played our finished animation for others to see and peer-assess.