Year 4 Events Gallery 2020-21

Take a look at the fun things we have been doing in Year 4 this year.


Merry Christmas - December 2020

Year 4 wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

Advent Hoop - December 2020

Year 4 - Santa Claus/ Stockings - GOODWILL

Anglo Saxons Vs the Vikings - November 2020

This week in Year 4 we re-enacted the battle of Hastings. The children demonstrated how King Harold was defeated by William the Conqueror. We used our armour that we made in Design Technology to show how the battle was won.

Anglo Saxons Vs the Vikings - November 2020

During our latest topic, we have been discussing about the Anglo Saxons and Vikings. At the start of the week the children learnt who the Anglo Saxons were and what lifestyles they lived. Next, the children learnt how the Vikings travelled to Britain then how they conquered the Saxons, Picts and Scots. At the end of the week Year 4 created their armour, shields and weapons ready to re-enact the battle of Hastings for the following weeks learning.

British Values Topic - November 2020

This week Year 4 have been discussing the British Values. The children learnt about the importance of Mutual Respect, Tolerance and Diversity in our society. Next, the children watched and listened to extracts of 'Wicked', producing a performance in small groups linking to the British Values.

David and Goliath - October 2020

This week the children have been learning about the story of David and Goliath.  First, we discussed as a class the importance of David in God's plan. Next, the children sequenced the story in chronological order ready to re-enact in front of the class. 

Are we human? Topic - October 2020

During our Are we Human topic, we have been learning about food, nutrition and digestion. The children have carried out a variety of experiments to try and recreate how our bodies process and digest food.