Year 5 Events Gallery 2017

Take a look at some of the great things we have been doing in our class. 


Westwood Visit 2017

Westwood Primary School came to visit our Year 5 class as part of our community cohesion scheme. We all had an enjoyable day, which consisted of a trip into church to look at a variety of different features and talk about why they are important. We also had a visit from a minister and Imam, who both spoke about some of the differences and the many similarities between both religions. To finish, we carried out a number of craft activities while getting to know our friends. We all had an enjoyable morning and are looking forward to the next time we meet.


Oldham Primary Careers Fair - 23rd March 2017

On Thursday Year Five went to Oldham's Annual Careers Fair at Mahdlo. They were given the opportunity to browse a variety of stalls, with a large number of different job opportunities. some of which the children may not have been aware of previously. All children were very enthused and enjoyed this experience. 
Anna Williams - Before I went to the careers fair I wanted to be a nurse, but now I would like to be a hair dresser or a set designer for Oldham Coliseum

Molly Mae - I really enjoyed looking around and it was a good experience to see all of the other jobs that were available.
Ben Birtles - It was a great experience being introduced to the world of work.