Year 5 Events Gallery 2018-19

Take a look at some of the great things we have been doing in our class.



Mine Field PE Lesson - November 2018

In PE we have been working on team building. We had to work with a partner to get each other through the mine field without setting anything off! Miss Blyden made it very tricky by blindfolding one person in the pair. We were working on our communication skills and it was important that we gave clear directions and instructions to help our partner get through.

Our Class Assembly- Maps - November 2018

Our class assembly was all about maps. We shared some of our letters that we wrote and the poetry that we had done as a class. Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed learning the map features song and putting their caps and sunglasses on to perform the map rap.

Year 5 Class Pets - Jeff and Jess

In year 5 we have Variatas Platy fish. We decided to name them Jeff and Jess. We have done some research on our fish and created posters to help inform others of how to look after them if we are not around.

Vincent van Gogh 'Sunflowers' - September 2018

We took a piece of Vincent van Gogh’s artwork ‘Sunflowers’ and broke it into individual pieces. We were all given different pieces of the picture and had to recreate our own section. We had to choose which colours to use for our individual part of the picture. Our giant sunflowers picture is now on display!