Year 5 Events Gallery 2022-23

Take a look at the fun things we have been doing in Year 5 this year.


Experience Harvest - September 2022

On Tuesday, the children from Year 5 visited church to take part in a ‘Harvest Experience’. We enjoyed moving around the different stations and reflecting on the season of Harvest and the value of ‘Thankfulness’.   As well as making clay pots and boats, the children reflected on the different Harvest gifts. The final message was to reflect on the value of Compassion and Generosity


SPACE The Final Frontier - September 2022

During Year 5's topic Space, the children learnt about the Solar System. We discussed how Earth orbits the Sun and how the Earth's tilt creates the seasons we've come to know, as well as day and night. Year 5 looked at the planets within our Solar System, coming up with mnemonics to remember the order in relation to the Sun. Finally, the children investigated whether or not our shadows change size throughout the day, linking it to our sticky learning. Check out some of our results...