Y2 - KS1 SATs

Y2 - Types of Animals

Y2 - British Wildlife:  In My Garden

Y2 - Eco and Recycling

Y2 and Y4 - Special Places

Y1 - The World Around Us

Y1 - Phonics Screening Check

Y1 - Contrasting Localities: The UK and Kenya

Y1 and Y4 - UK Explorers

Y1 - People Who Help Us

The Queen's Jubilee

British Values

Y3 - Rivers

Y3 - Mountains

Y3 - Precious Plants

Y4 - Map Skills

Y4 - Multiplication Tables Check

Y4 - Human and Physical Geography

Y4 - Georges Seurat

Y5 - States of Matter

Y5 - Eco and Sustainability

Y6 - Extreme Earth

Y6 - Light and Shadow


Y6 - KS2 SATs