Positive Behaviour Management

At St Thomas' Leesfield, we have an 'Always system' to effectively manage behaviour throughout school from Reception to Year 6.  The Always system acknowledges the well-behaved children; the children who always try hard and follow their class rules.  We always aim to promote the good.  Always badges are to be worn with pride and the children love to wear them.   
We have four Houses and colours for badges which are all named after ex-Headteachers.  These are:  Jones (red), Daniels (yellow), Bevan (blue) and Ireland (green.  All staff notice ‘Always’ children and it is the children wearing their ‘Always Badge’ who are chosen for treats/jobs around school. Year 6 have prefect badges for which the same ‘Always’ system applies.
Each class at St Thomas' Leesfield has their own set of ‘Always Rules’ which are devised together with staff at the start of each school year so that they are relevant. The ‘Always Rules’ are displayed clearly within the classroom so that the children are constantly aware of them. The rules should be effective and are changed throughout the year to suit the age/changes in behaviour.  Always Rules match our three principles of behaviour which are 'Safe', 'Ready' and 'Respect'.
If a child follows all the ‘Always Rules’ then they receive an ‘Always Badge’ from the Headteacher so that they can be recognised. However, if they do not follow the ‘Always Rules’ then the badge must be returned to the Headteacher and the child goes back to class to work towards earning it back. 
Parents have commented on how much they appreciate this ‘Always’ system as it is important that the children with a good attitude to learning should be noticed and rewarded. It is our way of saying 'thank you' for always doing the right thing, making positive choices and always following the class rules.
Please click on the link to view our latest Behaviour Policies.


Examples of Always Rules

Always use an indoor voice

Always have kind hands & feet, no need to push

Always try to help others

Always be polite

Always try your best

Always be ready to listen, learn & work

Always wear the correct uniform smartly

Always treat others as you would like to be treated

Always wear your badge with pride

Always act sensibly

Always take responsibility for your own actions

Always lead by example