Your Child's Progress

There are many ways in which we support, monitor and celebrate your child's progress. 

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Children's Targets

All children are given Next Steps so that they can achieve their age-related expectations (BBs) to help them aim to do their best. They also have a termly personal targets. Each child is treated as an individual and all have their own targets which reflect their own needs.

Drop-ins for Parents

Once in the Autumn term and once in the Spring term.  We will be offering a ‘Drop in classroom’ afternnoon/early evening, so that you can see your children’s classroom and have a look at his/her learning. 

Progress Evenings

We have Progress Afternoons/Evenings twice a year when you will be able to come in and talk privately to your child’s teacher about your child’s progress as well as look at your child’s work. At the end of the school year, in July, you will receive a written report and we also offer a drop-in session where all staff are available to listen to any worries/concerns. However, if you have any worries about your child’s progress at any time you should contact your child’s teacher to discuss concerns or contact the school office to make an appointment with our headteacher Mr Whittaker.

Homework Grids

Every child in school receives a Homework Grid. These are a very valuable communication between home and school. The children will use them to record homework that has been set, details of events, visits or special occasions which they need to remember. Parents are expected to sign the Homework Grid at the end of each week to show that they have read it and checked that homework has been completed.

We feel that at St Thomas' Leesfield Homework should help to develop the whole child. Homework should not always be worksheet based as ‘work at home’ can come in many guises. All nine areas on the grid should be fulfilled each week. Homework can be enjoyable. Parental support is of paramount importance. Areas on the grid include: Physical Activity, Teach Your Parents, Housework, Reflection and Relaxation, Reading/Literacy, Maths Learning, Music and Arts, Leisure/Media Time and Family Time. Children are encouraged to complete at least one activity for each area on a weekly basis.

To see your child's homework grid please visit your child's class page on the school website.


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Friday Achievement Assemblies

Every Friday afternoon at 2.30pm we hold our Achievement Assembly in the school hall (approximately 30 minutes) to celebrate good work and good behaviour. Parents are welcome to come along and share the children’s achievements whilst joining us for refreshments. We very much look forward to seeing parents.

Home/ School Book

The children in Reception and year 1 have a Home/School book. These are a very valuable communication between home and school which parents are encouraged to use. It is also for school and parents to record when they have heard their children read. Additional notes to praise the way that their child has read or to note difficulties experienced. Teachers will regularly check the books for messages but also to see that children are reading at home in addition to the reading that they do at school.