Admissions 2023-24

You are welcome to visit the school and have a tour by the head boy and head girl to see the school at work and make an appointment to see our Headteacher Mr Whittaker.

Common Application Form

In order to apply for a Reception place for your child in any primary school parents must complete the Local Authority Common Application Form online. It should then be returned to the Local Authority by the closing date specified in the Starting Primary School Information Booklet.

Supplementary Form

In addition, St Thomas Leesfield CE Primary School request that parents who are applying for a place at the school also complete the school’s Supplementary Form, available below. The Supplementary Form should be returned to the school, at the same time as you return your Common Application Form to the Local Authority, for Governors to place all applicants in criteria order as detailed in our Admissions Policy.

In Year Admissions

If you wish to apply for a place in any of our classes during the school year you are welcome to contact the Learning Mentor in school, who is in charge of admissions, for a viewing and to arrange a chat with the headteacher. You will then be able to apply for a place directly through school using the Local Authority in year application form.

Please contact Mrs Costello, Learning Mentor. Tel 0161 770 5710

All Applications

The LA will advise you where a school place has been allocated.  We do not have any control over who is offered a place at our school. We rank applications according to our admissions policy criteria and forward this to the Local Authority who then advise parents which school they have been allocated.

To download a copy of our full Admissions Policy please click on the document below.

Click to Download Admissions Policy 2023-2024 [pdf 784KB] Click to Download
Click to Download Admissions Policy Supplementary Form 2023-2024 [pdf 75KB] Click to Download

Primary School Admissions September 2023

Please click on the picture link for more information.

Click to Download Admissions Letter for Reception September 2023 [pdf 116KB] Click to Download

Primary Admissions Process Dates 2023 Intake

Secondary School Admissions September 2023 Intake

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Click to Download Year 6 Secondary School Applications Letter September 2022 [pdf 73KB] Click to Download

Secondary Admissions Process Dates 2023


If you have been refused admission and wish to appeal to an Independent Appeal Panel for a school place for your child, you should complete a School Admission Appeal Form (available from Pupil Services), setting out clearly why your child should go to your preferred school and return it to Legal and Democratic Services. Any written evidence that you wish to use to support your case should be submitted to the Appeals Panel. It is important that you tell the Independent Appeals panel all the reasons why you want your child to attend the school(s) of your preference. If you have any documented evidence to support your appeal, please send a copy with your form.

The date of the hearing will be arranged by an officer from Legal and Democratic services, who will give you at least 14 days notice in writing of the date and time of the appeal.

You can appeal for more than one school. However, you may only appeal for any school once every school year unless there has been a significant change in your circumstances.

The decision of Appeals Panels will be sent in writing to parents by the Executive Director of Legal and Democratic Services and are binding on the Local Authority, school governors and parents.

Contact details:

School Admissions Team

Level 6

The Civic Centre

West Street




Tel: 0161 770 4214 (Primary admissions)