School Council Initiatives 2016-17

Please see below the great things School Council have been doing this year.

British and Christian Values Art Work

Lucy Fountain (Y6) writes...

This year, our School Council have made a decision to have some art work professionally put on the walls outside our amazing new toilets. This is going to include the British and Christian Values that we cover over the school year as well as meaningful phrases/slogans together with pictures. The Council came up with this idea because at the moment, the walls are just blank and boring - just white. Some of our Christian Values that might be included are: Thankfulness, Compassion, Friendship, Respect and many more. So that all the school are included the class School Council representatives asked everyone to draw their own ideas including symbols, pictures and slogans. These have now been passed to a design company (Hive) so that they can incorporate them into the final scheme. Mrs Butt has been working with them too and our school Ethos Committee. Hopefully, the finished artwork will be up by the end of the Christmas holidays!

New Toilets

Last year, when I was on the School Council, we decided that the school toilets (main building) were in the wrong position and that the kitchen was as well. This was partly because of space as the kitchen was too small where it was. When we used to line up for our dinners, it was cramped and everyone used to talk all the time. Wherever you looked, people had their hands over their ears! There was also a problem with safety, as we were queuing near the fire exit doors.

After several meetings with the School Council and Mrs Ireland including electricians, plumbers and our architect, we agreed on how we wanted our toilets to look and where they should be moved to. Finally, we had a plan to change the toilets but the budget was tight and we could just about afford it. All the construction took part in the 6 week holidays of 2016 - July to September. After it was all completed, it looked brilliant and just how we wanted it to be. I like it and everybody does! In the middle of the toilet area there is a 'Harry Potter' sink and there's much more light coming in. The area is open and the toilets are all in the same room. We think that the School Council have done a great job!

By Calum Hart (Y4) 

Play Agents

Over the years, we have discovered that some pupils are not involved in games at break and lunchtimes. Due to this, our School Council came up with the idea of 'Play Agents'. Every Monday in assembly we now spin a wheel and two children from each class (Reception to Year 6) are asked to be Play Agents for that week. Each Play Agent wears a fluorescent tabard (so they are easily spotted) and it is there job to include children in games and playing. This is so that no-one feels left out and to show that at our school we are very friendly and caring. 

By Jayden Finnerty (Y6)

New School Kitchen

Welcome to our fabulous, brand new kitchen! If you come to this magnificent school, you will be able to taste the mouth-watering and delicious food. It is very colourful created by our very kind and honest Mrs England (cook) and her staff. It is very efficient and hygienic. Come on taste our food, you won't be disappointed! This is all thanks to our School Council and their idea to move our toilets and create a larger and much improved kitchen - very well done!

By Rio Ali (Y5)

Worry Wellies and Suggestion Sock

In each class, we use the Worry Welly if anyone has a worry or concern. Children write their problem/worry on a piece of paper and put it into their welly. During Circle Time, these are then pulled out and discussed as a class. Together the children discuss the issue and try to solve it with suggestions to help. This helps everyone to think and makes the person feel better. The Suggestion Sock is used so that ideas can be taken to the School Council. Again, children put their suggestions on paper and then they are discussed in class. Ideas can then be taken to the next School Council meeting to make our school better. We think that both the Worry Welly and Suggestion Sock are great as we can make people happy in school.