At St Thomas’ Leesfield we believe that good attendance is vital for all our pupils if they are to gain the most from the education we provide. There are clear documented links between regular attendance and attainment . Parents/carers have a legal responsibility to ensure their child attends regularly and punctually.

We take your child’s attendance in school very seriously. An attendance officer from the Local Authority regularly comes into school to assess all children’s attendance. We aim for 96% attendance for all.

The length of St Thomas' School week is 32 hours and 30 minutes.

Please see our Attendance Policy

Please see our Holiday Calendars

Our School Day


The school day starts at 8.50am and ends at 3.20pm.


Morning Break is 10.30am – 10.45am (Years 2—3)

Morning Break is 10.45am—11.00am ( Years 4—6)


Reception and Year 1 have continuous outdoor provision.


For a  prompt school start:  In the line at 10 - 2 - 9!  Avoid lost learning time.  Every minute matters!


Infants:      8.50am – 11.45 noon   

                  1.15pm – 3.20pm 


Juniors:     8.50am – 12.00 noon                

                 1.00pm – 3.20pm


Arriving Late

If children are late then they must report to Mrs Costello in the school office.

· Children arriving later than 8.55am will receive a late mark.

· Children arriving later than 9.10am will receive an unauthorised absence.

10 mins. late every day = missing 6 full days in a year

30 mins. late every day = missing 4 full weeks in a year


Please ensure your child arrives on time for the start of the school day.

Absences from School - Government Legislation

If your child is absent from school you must telephone before 10am on the first day.  Where possible, appointments should be made outside of the school day to prevent lost learning time.

Don’t miss school.                 

Don’t miss out!       

Avoid lost learning time.                

Every day counts!

The Department of Education (DfE) has amended the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 governing requests for holidays in term time.

The law gives no entitlement to parents to take their child on holiday in term time. It makes it clear that Head teachers may not grant any holidays or other absences during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances such as unique situations due to parents’ work/employment commitments which have been verified by the employer, where there has been a trauma or bereavement in the immediate family or there is an opportunity for a holiday for a terminally ill immediate family member.

Head teachers should determine the number of school days a child can be away from school if the leave is granted. Such leave is granted in accordance with arrangements made by the governing body of the school.  As a general guide any activity, holiday or event that can be arranged during the annual 13 week holiday time should not be authorised during the school term.

Parents can receive a Penalty Notice from the Local Authority for taking their child on holiday in term time without the consent of school.  From 1 September these Penalty Notices cost £60 per child per parent if paid within 21 days and £120 per child per parent if paid between 22 and 28 days.

Whilst it is appreciated the financial difficulties that some parents face when booking holidays, particularly during school holidays, children absent in term time miss learning and need to catch up on missed work which poses a potential risk of under achievement. 

Winter Weather Conditions

We have a poor weather procedure should we have a heavy snowfall. 

Mrs Glynn will initially have to wait to receive confirmation from staff as to whether they can make it into school and then a decision regarding opening will be made by 8.15am.

She will try and make the decision as early as possible as she is fully aware that parents need to arrange child care and work  arrangements should school have to close. We will always try to stay open as we are usually able to cover classes and have the children in school all day. It may be that we are unable to provide a school meal. If in doubt please send your child with a packed lunch.


Please do not telephone school, this ties up the office staff and slows down the process.  If you have not had a text message please assume school is open.

Sources of Information About School Closure

Text Message

We have purchased Teachers2Parents texting system to be able to notify you. It is therefore essential that you always notify us of your mobile number if it changes.

Text messages will be sent if the school is going to be closed.

If school has to be closed during the school day we will contact you via text message.


Notice in School

We will also post a notice on the main school door and the Annexe school door.


Oldham Council Website

Click on the link below to access the Oldham Council website for the latest and most accurate information about school closures and other services affected by the adverse weather.

Oldham Council School Closures


Local Radio

For updates listen to local radio.