School Council 2021-22

The School Council have now been elected from Reception to Year 6.

We have started our meetings with our two representatives from each class and please see below to find out our members.

This Autumn Term we have focused on our class ‘Suggestion Socks’ and we have been discussing these in detail with actions as needed.

Unfortunately, we had to say no (after thorough debate) to the following suggestions:

  • School trip to Disneyland
  • McDonalds for lunch (delivered)
  • Own clothes for individual birthdays

uggestion that we have actioned though include:

Jacob and Isla contacting our School Fruit Scheme providers to ask if they could send strawberries and grapes.  Jacob was fantastic on the telephone and found out that these fruits are not covered in the scheme and therefore school would have to pay ‘extra’ if we wanted them for our children.  They were also seasonal and not available all year.  The provider is sending us a list detailing costings so we will look into this further as a group.  Our Reception, Year 1 and 2 children are a little fed up of carrots, apples, pears and bananas – although the latter are very popular!

Year 1 also wanted to be able to use the whole school playground at lunchtimes.  At the moment, they are confined to the bottom yard to keep them safe as our youngest class out there.  Happily, a compromise has been reached, through negotiation with staff, in that they can use the whole yard for the last part of their time (1pm-1:15pm) when the rest of school are back to learning.  They can then share the areas with Year 2.

More extra-curricular clubs (a wider variety and for different age ranges) was also a suggestion and this is being discussed further with staff and our council members need to find out more about ‘what our children want’ in terms of clubs.

Our children also wanted to be able to sit with other year groups to eat lunch and after consultation with our Senior Mid-Day Supervisor, we have decided to look into this again in the new year (2022) as we are all still a little wary about Covid-19 and mixing classes too much indoors.  We think this is a sensible decision under the current climate.

A school disco is a very popular suggestion and we have already started discussing a day/theme for this in the Spring Term 2022.  Watch this space for more news/updates…

Our School Council 2021-22

Year 6 - Jacob and Isla (the Bosses)

Year 5 -  Verity and Lilly

Year 4 - Phoebe and Grace

Year 3 - Ella and Frankie

Year 2 - Amelia and Wenzheng

Year 1 - Sophia and Brody

Reception - Roman and Payton

What do School Council do?

Two pupils from each class represent their year group on our School Council.  The School Council meets with Mrs Glynn regularly over the school year to consider how to make our school even better. 

The school councillors are elected by the children in their class:

-  They go to school council meetings and take part in discussions

-  They let the class know what has been discussed at the meetings

-  They take the views of their classmates to the school council

-  They are involved in projects that the school council runs. 

A School Councillor is...

-  committed and determined to make a difference

-  always thinking about ways to improve the school

-  ready to talk to children and staff about the school council

-  willing to learn new skills

-  excited about ideas and things that the school council can do

-  able to listen to other children’s' views and understands them

-  caring about school and wants to improve it.