The curriculum is all the planned activities that we organise in order to promote learning, personal growth and development.  It includes not only the formal requirements of the National Curriculum, but also the range of topic based activities that the school organises in order to enrich the experience of the children. St Thomas Leesfield’s curriculum also includes high expectations and consideration for personal, social, spiritual and moral learning. 

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The National Curriculum

Children in primary schools pass through three different age groups which are known as “key stages”. These key stages relate to what children should be learning at various stages of their school life:

Foundation Stage - Children 4 – 5 yrs of age Reception.

Key Stage 1 - Children 5 – 7 yrs of age - Years 1 and 2.

Key Stage 2 - Children 7 – 11 yrs of age - Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

At each of the three stages, children will be following programmes of study laid down by the Department for Education and Skills known as the National Curriculum.


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Curriculum at St Thomas'

We are very proud of our Leesfield curriculum as it provides memorable experiences as well as real-life learning through our varied and interesting topics. They are normally two week topics (Reception and Year 1’s are slightly longer and are 3 week topics) and are designed to enhance and enrich the attitude, skills and knowledge (ASK) of all our children. Our school has worked hard to devise an innovative curriculum to ensure that all our learners can make great progress with their learning in all subjects.

We follow the Foundation Stage Curriculum in Reception and the National Curriculum (2014) for Years 1– 6. We follow the age-related expectations/non-negotiables for each year group and we call these ‘Basic Busters’ or BBBs. Reading, writing, oracy are taught in-line with National Curriculum requirements and through our topics. Maths also follows age-related non-negotiables and skills are taught in daily maths lessons as well as through topics. Deeper thinking activities and challenges are also incorporated into daily lessons to encourage children to improve their problem solving skills and increase independent learning acquisition. Science is taught through the three strands of biology, physics and chemistry but is also topic-related. Again, we follow the age-related expectations for science as outlined in the National Curriculum. All the foundation subjects are also taught through topics (please see Long Term Plans for each class below) and we know that they are engaging, motivational as well as practical to suit all learning styles. Each topic is introduced through a mind map to see what the children already know and then it is pupil-lead as they pose their own questions of what they want to find out.   Carefully planned lessons are then taught to include all the age related objectives as well as ensuring that the children’s own questions are answered and addressed. At the end of each topic, the mind maps are then returned to so that the children can demonstrate their newly gained skills and knowledge. Where possible, children are given first hand experiences to enhance their learning through educational visits or visitors / workshops in school.

The new computing curriculum has also been put in place and our IT equipment in school includes i-pads and i-books. Our Modern Foreign Language is French from Year 3 – 6 and is taught through topics in line with National Curriculum expectations. Physical Education is taught twice weekly (indoor and outdoor) and delivers high quality lessons – see Long Term Plans for PE below.   Year 6 also have the opportunity to visit Robinwood on a residential trip so that they can experience many different Adventurous Activities including: using zip-wires, trapeze, climbing walls, archery and canoeing.


Curriculum Planning Documentation for 2019-20

Please download the documents below to access our curriculum by year group and subject.


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